Our core services can take you far. We serve a variety of verticals, from P&C insurance to healthcare, and small- to medium-sized businesses.

Mobile Applications

We affordably design, develop, test and distribute your mobile applications. Because we develop Apple, Android, and Windows simultaneously, you don't incur additional overhead.

Web Design & Development

We offer content management, design and development, search engine optimization, and hosting for small and medium sized businesses.

Custom Development

Because of our experience with enterprise development in medical, actuarial, and discrete manufacturing, we can handle complex integration projects for your business.

Our Work

Products and services at low rates.

The Crucible


eBay Large Merchant Services


Churches and Synagogues

Digital Strategies

Political Campaigns

Digital Strategy

Law Firms

Digital Strategies

Custom Development

Your Needs, Met.


A history of Cove Brook Coders.

  • 1986

    It begins in the 1980s...

    CEO Brian Kresge's father gave him a Kaypro CP/M machine, and Brian promptly learned C. He wrote his first contact management system in dBase II the same year.

  • April 2013

    Test Management Suite

    Frustrated by the expense or lack of availability, Brian develops a testing system to augment test driven development (TDD).

  • August 2015

    Full Spectrum Mobile

    Brian develops numerous mobile applications for Android and iOS devices this year, from games to complex web service-based applications.

  • October 2016

    Move to Maine and Business Opens

    On a sprawling estate in the Maine woods along Cove Brook, Brian launches Cove Brook Coders to market custom development and outsourced quality assurance testing. We also believe we have a social obligation to try and cultivate a new generation of coders.

  • Experience

The Team

Making your dreams come true.

Brian Kresge

Chief Executive Officer

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